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The Dangers of Illegally Converted Private Dwellings

As a result of the slump in our national economy, families, extended families, migrant workers, college students, and others are forced to seek affordable housing. Unscrupulous building owners can make sizeable sums of money from converting what was a single-family home to multiple illegal apartments or single-room occupancies (SROs). These “sabotaged” buildings are death traps for firefighters and a major concern for firefighters across our country. Often, these buildings are right under our noses, disguised as single-family homes. These converted …

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The Perils of Rain (Double) Roofs

On arrival, firefighters find a one-story ranch-style home with heavy smoke pushing from the soffit vents under the eaves overhanging the home’s exterior walls. The battalion chief in command of the incident suspects a fire that has either originated in or extended to the attic. Based on his observation, he orders firefighters, protected by a charged hoseline, to pull ceiling immediately on entering the front door. After forcing the front door, firefighters are surprised to find the house completely clear …

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Sep 29-30, 2011 Intelligent Firefighting “Be Aggressive . ..Don’t Be Stupid”

With Capt Bill Gustin, Miami Dade Fire Rescue Double Tree Milwaukee City Center Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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