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Welcome to Gustin Fire Training

Bill Gustin, a 39 year veteran of fire service is captain of Miami Dade Fire Rescue and lead instructor in his department’s officer training programs. Gustin currently serves on the editorial board and is a technical advisor for Fire Engineering Magazine. He began his fire service career in the Chicago area and teaches fire training programs in Florida and other states.



“A Message from Captain Gustin”

We can avoid line of duty deaths and career-ending injuries by learning from the experiences and tragedies of other fire fighters who have been there. We do this through rigorous training and research. Every lesson that you learn from what went wrong at a fire that YOU DIDN’T GO TO is another bullet that you dodge.

Standpipe Operations Part 2: Water From The Outlet To The Nozzle

Description: Part 1 of this webcast examined standpipe system components function and design. Missed part 1? Click here to view it. Part 2 will examine equipment in a standpipe accessory bag, choosing the size of hose line for standpipe operations and deployment of hose bundle folds. Viewers will learn how to determine the length of hose stretch, the number of firefighters necessary to advance a hose line from a standpipe outlet and where they must be positioned on a hose … >>

Q & A: Bill Gustin on Standpipe Operations

Bill Gustin recently presented a Webcast on standpipe operations,“Standpipe Operations Part 2: Water From The Outlet To The Nozzle.” Below are some answers to the questions listeners posed to him on the subject. Q: No gloves [referring to a photo in one of the slides]? A: A fair question that I am often asked during my presentations. We put on our gloves after we mask up. Our personnel are trained to don our PPE in the following sequence: Loosen helmet … >>

The Coral Springs Fire Department’ Officer Training Program at Sprinklermatic University in Davie FL

Capt. Bill Gustin presented a class on fire suppression systems for the Coral Springs Fire Department’ Officer Training Program at Sprinklermatic University in Davie FL. On Jan. 11, 2018 Sprinklermatic U. is a world-class training facility with a vast array of fully functioning sprinkler and standpipe risers. Students learned the function and components of wet pipe, dry pipe and pre-action systems, observed the flow from several residential and storage occupancy sprinkler heads and how the facility’s diesel fire pump and … >>

Humpday Hangout: Discussing Fires in Strip Malls, Part 2

In this week’s Humpday Hangout, Bill Gustin, Mike Dugan, and the rest of the group continue their discussion from last month on various scenarios and obstacles involved in fighting strip mall fires, focusing on the two-story ones with offices or living quarters. The panelists each share their most memorable lesson learned fire in these types of buildings. Also, panelist Clark Lamping of Clark County (NV) Fire Rescue shares some operational details of the response to the Las Vegas mass shooting, including the importance of interagency training and communications.

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