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Welcome to Gustin Fire Training

Bill Gustin, a 39 year veteran of fire service is captain of Miami Dade Fire Rescue and lead instructor in his department’s officer training programs. Gustin currently serves on the editorial board and is a technical advisor for Fire Engineering Magazine. He began his fire service career in the Chicago area and teaches fire training programs in Florida and other states.



“A Message from Captain Gustin”

We can avoid line of duty deaths and career-ending injuries by learning from the experiences and tragedies of other fire fighters who have been there. We do this through rigorous training and research. Every lesson that you learn from what went wrong at a fire that YOU DIDN’T GO TO is another bullet that you dodge.

Captain Bill Gustin Presents – Intelligent Fire Department Operations

This thought provoking workshop will examine how changes in building construction and design, increased fire loads, recent research on fire dynamics and reduced fire company staffing may call for a change in some traditional firefighting tactics. This class will examine modern fire dynamics; why wind-driven fires are not just a high rise fire hazard and why ventilation without water application may make interior conditions worse. Students will learn why experienced, professional firefighters, whether career or volunteer, do not operate at … >>

Humpday Hangout: The Municipal-Industrial Interface

How should municipal fire departments interact with industrial plant fire brigades or emergency response teams? That’s the subject of this week’s Humpday Hangout with Bill Gustin, Mike Dugan, and the rest of the panel. They will be joined by guests Ed Collett, an engineer in the electric power generation industry, and by John Gross, the fire chief at the Marathon Refinery in Canton, Ohio. This week’s session will focus on such questions as:

  • Does your department participate in prefire planning and training with plant emergency personnel?
  • Who is in charge–The fire department, plant personnel, or is there a unified command?
  • Has your department ever used a plant’s resources, such as foam, off site of their facility?

The panel members also relate their most memorable industrial story.

FDIC Webcast: Standpipe Operations Part I

Register for this training event from FDIC The class examines standpipe firefighting tactics and strategy, types of standpipe systems and components, supplying fire department connections (FDCs), and methods of stretching and advancing hoselines from standpipe outlets. Bill Gustin Captain Miami-Dade (FL) Fire Rescue Department BILL GUSTIN is a 41-year veteran of the fire service and a captain with the Miami-Dade (FL) Fire Rescue Department. He began his fire service career in the Chicago area and conducts firefighting training programs in … >>

Humpday Hangout: Water Supply Evolutions and Pump Operations

In this Humpday Hangout, Bill Gustin is live from the Miami-Dade (FL) Apparatus Driving Simulator Lab with guest Lt. Dave Gates. They will talk with guests Paul Shapiro and Ed Collet about water supply evolutions, pump operations, and driver/engineer training. Lt. Gates will also narrate some video of drafting and deployment of a jet siphon in a static water source. RELATED VIDEO Sponsored by Key Hose: More Key Hose-Sponsored Hangouts Humpday Hangout: Water Supply Operations Humpday Hangout: Air Management … >>